PrimaLuna EL34 Tube
  • PrimaLuna EL34 Tube

PrimaLuna EL34 - Gold

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PrimaLuna EL-34 Gold - Current production EL34 made in China that is the stock EL34 for our award-winning PrimaLuna amplifiers. The sound is very clear with good dynamic range. Top end has nice extension but never bright, with great texture in the mids and bass.

GoldLabel tubes are pre-selected using a simple 60 out of 100 rule and as such, are already “special” when compared to other standard tubes on the market. Out of 100 tubes which have passed the final quality control from the manufacturer, we are allowed to select and keep the 60 best pieces.

Build quality in this tube is excellent, and it is a very rugged tube.

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