Credo Audio Switzerland - The Cinema LTM
  • Credo Audio Switzerland - The Cinema LTM
  • Credo Audio Switzerland - The Cinema LTM
  • Credo Audio Switzerland - The Cinema LTM
  • Credo Audio Switzerland - The Cinema LTM
  • Credo Audio Switzerland - The Cinema LTM
  • Credo Audio Switzerland - The Cinema LTM
  • Credo Audio Switzerland - The Cinema LTM

Credo Audio Switzerland - The Cinema LTM

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Our goal:

Big listening room = big speakers = big sound? Well, unfortunately not with most large speaker systems currently available. The acoustic influences and the large hearing distance speak clearly against the use of classical point sound sources.

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What we want to achieve:

- An extreme dynamic range

- Very low harmonic and modulation distortions

- A broad and homogeneous horizontal dispersion behavior

- A vertical cylindrical radiation behavior

- A correct acoustic perspective of the "sound-stage"

- A clean step and impulse response

- A linear frequency-response over the entire frequency range

- A linear and uniform impedance

- An ideal directivity-index "DI"

Technical overview:

The "Cinema LTM" is a passive filtered 3-way floor-standing speaker, with line-array technology. Each speaker comes with 32 ring radiator tweeters. A textile membrane with a diameter of 22 mm was installed in a special, extremely compact housing with neodymium drive. This allowed us to mount the tweeters extremely close to each other, which is absolutely essential for a high-performance line array. The distance is only 0.7 mm.

The fourteen high-end mid-woofers feature a 4" Kevlar diaphragm and a low-loss drive with neodymium magnets. We use our proprietary high-pass filters, so they play at very low-distortion even at high SPL and down to 100 Hz.

In addition, four passive 12 "subwoofers with almost 60 mm stroke are installed per loudspeaker.

Thanks to our proprietary crossovers, the unique 4" mid-woofer and the special tweeter design, we were able to create a loudspeaker with incredible dynamic range, whose distortion values ​​are extremely low.

Incidentally, unlike similar systems, it is easily possible to use virtually any high-end amplifier. Since the speaker is quite efficient and the impedance curve extremely linear, less powerful high-end amplifiers can be used.

The cabinet:

Especially the front, the assembly of the line-sources and their housing demanded our whole experience. The first prototypes were installed in aluminum fronts. Because the very small distances between the loudspeaker chassis and the high mechanical demands, aluminum seemed to be a good choice. But the strong resonances in the material turned out to be a no-go. Now we install a 12 mm (1/2") thick polymer plate, which is pore-free - since it is cast. The main component is bauxite, together with the other ingredients results in a very low-resonance material. The speaker chassis are clamped on to the back and additionally stabilized and stiffened with milled aluminum holders.

The cabinet is milled from 120 mm (4.7") hardwood. A well-known expression for this material also is "Panzerholz". The block is pressed from a total of 93 layers of sanded beech wood. The achieved strength is enormous and the volume weight is around 800 kg per m3 (1'764 lb. per ft3.


Data sheet

Frequency range:
Nominal impedance:
8 ohm
Impedance specification according to IEC 60268-5:
Linear impedance:
Cabinet tuning:
Speaker type: