Credo Audio Switzerland - EV 1202 REF - rough cut
  • Credo Audio Switzerland - EV 1202 REF - rough cut
  • Credo Audio Switzerland - EV 1202 REF - rough cut
  • Credo Audio Switzerland - EV 1202 REF - rough cut
  • Credo Audio Switzerland - EV 1202 REF - rough cut
  • Credo Audio Switzerland - EV 1202 REF - rough cut

Credo Audio Switzerland - EV 1202 REF - rough cut

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Custom Shop Edition

Compared to the smaller EV 900 Ref, the EV 1202 is designed for medium- to large- listening-rooms. Offering even less distortion, with punchy and controlled bass. Greater SPL is no problem, still being a slim and elegant high-end speaker.

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We offer modernism and simplicity in the the design of our products. With attention to detail we select materials and define textures.

In a Credo speaker you’ll find several very unique features and designs, developed and implemented over many years. We always focused on the highest goal in speaker-design, to reproduce all kinds of music and genres, without compromise.

Sustainability, uncompromising sound quality and longevity play a role as well as our principle: "Less can be more“.

Credo Custom Shop Edition

It is the pinnacle of craftsmanship, quality and sound excellence. Each loudspeaker celebrates our passion for accuracy, authenticity, attention to detail and exclusivity.

The Credo Custom Shop in Switzerland is responsible for all of our completely custom-spec, made-to-measure builds, every Custom Shop loudspeaker is carefully handmade. Only the finest materials and components meeting extremely tight tolerances are used.

The fine woods for the cabinets are specifically selected for each pair or a very small series. In contrast to the standard versions, not entire panels are veneered here, but the finished raw housing is hand-laid by a master cabinet maker and a unique veneer pattern is created.

Special customer requests, paint colors or specific degrees of gloss can be implemented.

So that the enormous amount of material and time required is not only reflected in the appearance of the speakers, sound upgrades are also part of a custom shop speaker.

The crossovers are not only decoupled from the cabinet and mounted in a vibration-damped manner, but are also coated with a gel-like compound. This improves heat dissipation, protects against vibration and significantly reduces microphonic effects.

The upgraded binding-posts and internal wiring of the mid-woofers complete the carefully selected and balanced package. The cable jacket is made of a very flexible and mechanically superb insulation material. Each lead consists of 483 x 0.15 mm high purity Matched Crystal (MC) OFC strands with a dense and very pure silver coating. The conductors are covered with an extra layer of Linear Structured Carbon ® to improve the sonic qualities.


Data sheet

Frequency range:
Nominal impedance:
4 ohm
Impedance specification according to IEC 60268-5:
Linear impedance:
Efficiency at 1 m @ 2.83 V:
87.5 dB
Cabinet tuning:
Bass reflex (back)
Speaker type:
Point source